Alpha Motivation

Paws for thought...

Alpha Motivation is a youth organisation that run self-development programs for primary and high school students in Western Australia.

Alpha is run 'By Young People. For Young People'.

Our organisation is represented by the Alpha Wolf (see below).


All of our speakers are exceptional young people who value self-development and helping others. They are positive role models that have demonstrated an outstanding ability to go above and beyond.

Alpha's programs are designed for social and emotional development, helping students develop their life skills such as self-motivation, goal setting, networking and resilience.

Our programs have also been designed with the assistance of WA teachers and education institutions to maximize the value students receive. All programs are also linked to the WA curriculum.

The Alpha Wolf

Since the beginning of 2018, our team have adopted the Alpha Wolf as our logo.

In a wolf pack, the most dominant and influential wolf is deemed the 'Alpha Wolf'.

In the wild, the Alpha achieves their status through social efforts, strength and building alliances with other wolves. The Alpha is selfless and fierce, always putting the needs of their pack above their own.

Contrary to popular belief, Alpha Wolves are often females.

It is our mission to help students become the Alpha version of themselves throughout their time at school. Our programs are designed to see students become more influential and confident in the pursuit of their goals. We aim to help students become the best version of themselves through self-development.

The Alpha Wolf is a perfect reflection of our mission.

The Wolf in our logo points upwards (north) as a symbol of continuous improvement, positivity and rising above challenges.


Since our inception in 2016, Alpha Motivation has worked with over 70 schools in Western Australia and presented over 200 workshops.

The Alpha Motivation team have also traveled to Hong Kong and Los Angeles (USA) for youth workshops and presentations.

Our most successful program is the Wolf Pack Program for high school students - an 8 week program that produces long term change for students.

Our most popular one-off presentation has been self-motivation.

Alpha Motivation does NOT exist for the sole purpose of academic improvement. Commitment to studies is only one of the many benefits of our self-development program.

Through running our programs, West Australian teachers will notice increased student participation in...

  • Volunteering/Community Service

  • Leadership

  • Sports

  • The Arts

  • Part-time Work

  • Academic Studies

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