Join our Cubs Program!

Our primary school programs are designed to provide consistent and long term results for students.

To truly make an impact and difference in students' lives, we run programs that stretch over a half term (4 sessions). We know that consistent contact is the key to lasting change.

We also run one off presentations upon request.

All of our self-development programs have been developed with the expertise of WA teachers, educators and students for maximum impact.

Under each of our programs, you can see how it is directly linked to the WA Curriculum.

#1 - Most Successful Program

#1 - Most Successful Program

Cubs Program

4 Workshops

Number of Students: 15-30

Time: Once a week after school (or during)         for one hour

Focus On: Self-Development, Self-Motivation, Goal Setting, Preparing for High School

Best For: One Class (Yr 5/6) or a Specific Group of Students

(Gifted & Talented Students, Student Leadership Team, Students who may struggle at school)


Please email our team for a detailed outline

1 Presentation

Number of Students: 30-80

Time: During school for one or two hours

Focus On: Selected Topic

(Self-Motivation or Teamwork)

Best For: Entire Year Groups

(Year 5 or Year 6)

One Off Programs


Please email our team for a detailed outline

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